Thursday, August 27, 2009

McGinn's Got to Feed His Family.

I often worry that I don't have enough updates on this blog. But I try to live by David Byrne's classic advice from "Psycho Killer": when I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.

After today's piece, McGinn should follow the same advice. Subscription required, but I'll recap it for you.

Rich Gannon made what McGinn admits were tame comments about Brohm looking "uncomfortable." McCarthy agrees with Gannon's assessment and Brohm isn't upset about them.

That's it. That's the story.

The story is that there isn't a story. Throughout the piece its suggested that there is some sort of controversy over Gannon's comments ("In a telephone interview, Gannon appeared taken aback that his remarks were even an issue."). Then you get to the bottom and you realize that there is no controversy. At all. It is a fake "controversy" that McGinn totally made up, while at the same time personally admitting that the statements were "tame."

I realize that McGinn has got to write about something (that's why they pay him), but give me a break.


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