Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Crazy Wynn Stuff

From Joe Arrigo's postgame recap:

Brandon Jackson also looked good and will be a nice compliment to Grant, if he is the back up.

I say if because DeShawn Wynn has really looked impressive this camp. Wynn has always had the tools but his attitude and work ethic left a lot to be desired. That seemed to have changed this year . . . .

I don't know how someone can continue to puff Wynn up as a potential second-string running back after a game where he was easily the most pedestrian of the five running backs that took snaps. I guess its improvement over last week, when Wynn was puffed up as a potential starter.

Small moves, Sparks. Small moves.

At this stage, Jackson is just in another class than Wynn entirely and its not simply a function of "attitude." If Wynn had the can-do attitude of Daniel Russo---Jackson would still be ahead of him on the depth chart. At this point, Wynn has his work cut out for himself just to make the team, something he couldn't do last year.


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