Thursday, August 13, 2009

Respect to Raji

The hold out was frustrating for all, but Raji should be commended for conducting himself like a professional throughout the whole ordeal. (There are folks in the Packers headquarters that could learn a thing or two about professionalism from Raji.)

Contract holdouts happen. It's part of sports and its part of life. That doesn't mean that there is a "bad guy" in the negotiations. That is. . . unless the participants to the negotiation run and whine to the media about how they are being "insulted" or how they are prepared to "sit out all season"

As far as hold outs go, I think Raji handled it about as well as he possibly could.

And yes Raji got a little carried away with The Promise:

Should we string him up for being over-exuberant about starting his career with the Packers? At bottom, everyone knew when he made The Promise that it takes two to tango.

And I would emphasis that The Promise was that "There will be no problem, as far as holding out on my end." Should we hold Raji responsible if the Packers didn't even begin to negotiate in earnest until late July? Is it really reasonable to expect him to sign the first offer that comes across the table. Who knows who was responsible for the length of the holdout, maybe it was Raji's fault, or Thompson's, or Russ Ball's (aka the scapegoat du jour).

You know who knows?

Only Raji, his agents, and the Packers. That's it.

And for that, Raji should be commended.


  1. Russ Ball, not Bell.

    And, as far as Raji's proffesionalisim in relation to Blumb, there was this:

    "get a life and mine won't be so important to you" - from his Twitter page.

    Now, while I happen to agree with him, it wasn't exactly the height of 'professionalisim'.

  2. Geez. I guess I should be paying more attention to Twitter.

  3. In its entirety:

    "next fan message lmao... get a life and mine wont be so important to u"

    Seems a little less antagonistic when you're tossing in "fan message" and "lmao"