Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ted Thompson Explains His "Secrecy"

Thompson tells McGinn: "[I]f it has to do with business or money or something of a proprietary nature, I don't think it's appropriate to talk about it."

I agree with this approach 100%. I know the folks in the media think Thompson's first priority should be to keep them in the loop on the inner-workings of the Packers front office, but I don't. His job is to put a winning football team on the field.

Loose lips sink ships.

If you want a good example, look to our rivals in Minnesota. How much better off would that team be if its front office and coaching staff could have kept its freaking mouth shut? They very publicly courted Favre for 3 months, but now he's not on the team and Jackson and Rosenfels still are. What kind of message did Vikings send to Jackson and Rosenfels? What kind of message did that send to Jackson's and Rosenfel's teammates? How much confidence do you think the rest of the locker room have in Jackson and Rosenfel?

I realize that for Favre the drama is half the battle, so preventing a media circus is not as easy as it should be. Still the Vikings would be far better off today had they played it closer to the chest. Absolutely, nothing good came of it EXCEPT:

It was great for the media.

And that's what McGinn cares about. So spare me the phony outrage that Thompson is "insulting the intelligence of fans" or that fans don't know "anything about the team" because of Thompson. It ain't about the fans. It's about the media.

So if Thompson wants to keep his mouth shut: I'm fine with that. If Thomspon wants to err on the side of keeping his mouth shut, I'm fine with that. If that upsets McGinn, I'm fine with that.


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  1. You must be getting to me. I really hated this interview.