Wednesday, August 5, 2009


He's a smoker. He's a midnight toker. But don't call him a Joker. Or Maurice. But especially not a Joker.

When I first saw the ObamaJoker poster, I laughed out loud. What was going on? Is it mocking Obama? Or is it an ironic poke at a perceived over-the-top villainization of Obama by his political opponents? Or is it mocking Shepard Fairey and his ubiquitous sloganeering? Perhaps all three at the same time?

I still don't know.

The poster seems to provoke a strong reaction in everyone, followed by confusion as its audience tries to decypher its meaning. There is a word for this phenomenon: art.

Now that the reviews are coming in that the poster is "dangerous," it may not just be art, it very well might be great art.


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