Sunday, August 2, 2009

Will There Be a Third Season of Flight of the Concords Afterall?

The conventional wisdom has always been "no." Especially after the season two finale in which Bret and Jermain get deported and return to their sheep herding ways:

The new show Hung has also been renewed. When I first heard the premise of Hung (highschool teacher with a big penis becomes a male prostitute) I was certain HBO was scraping the bottom of the barrel (maybe even the underside of the barrel).

After a few weeks I can honestly say that Hung is a promising show that is at its heart about family values (really). It also has a mean libertarian streak---from its nonjudgmental depiction of sex work to a scene where the cops tell the main character that he must take a down a camping tent in his own back yard because of zoning regulations---which I also enjoy.

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