Sunday, September 27, 2009

Abandon the Run Already

The Packers can't constantly be placed in 3rd and long on offense, that means "abandoning the run" (at least on first down). I'm sick of the "you have to run the ball to keep the defense honest" cliche. That's like saying I have to keep beating my head against this brick wall to keep the wall honest.

The Packers just can't start every single drive with a one yard run from Grant. This is leading to too many three-and-outs and putting too much pressure on a defense that is still learning. To call back to a preseason post, Football Outsider's predicted a declining offense this year because the team would not be able to sustain its success on third down. Put another way, the team cannot consistently under perform on first and second down and expect to convert third and long.

So far, FO is correct. The Packers have to find a way (any way) to stay ahead of the sticks.

McCarthy has to use the pass to set up the run. More 4 or 5 yard passes on first down. Then on second down the Packers will have a favorable down and distance that they can run the ball or set up play action.


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