Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are you ready to see Kampman in Vikings' Purple?

If not: get ready. Maybe he will pick up his game over the course of the season, but as of right now, Kampman looks just okay. Which signals that he probably will not be back with the Packers next season. Which means he will be on a new team.

Which team is obsessed with former Packers? Which team actually signed Kampman to an offer sheet back in 2005? How many rhetorical questions will I ask?

Unless the Packers franchise Kampman and trade him out of the division, Kampman will be a Viking next season. Get used to the idea.

It will be a sad day.

Kampman, Pat (though he has to stop playing sometime) & Kevin Williams, and Jared Allen.


The smart move would have been to trade Kampman back in March. Based on the Allen trade I think the Packers could have gotten a first rounder for Kampman. Which would have meant not needing to trade away the whole draft to move up and get Mathews.

But instead we will likely see one season of a perfectly whelming Kampman, and then get to watch him chase Rodgers around for a few seasons.

Still doesn't seem worth it to me.



  1. HIGHLY doubt it. Kampman will be franchised next year, if he doesn't re-sign. He'll still have value to 4-3 teams, as he's the 3rd in sacks since 2005. The worst case scenario is Kampman goes to a non-rival team, possibily a team that won't face us in 2010, and we get a 2nd rounder. That is the worst that can happen. There is NO WAY the packers let him go for free. You can make a case for one of the OLs, even for Collins. But not for Kampman. If he doesn't re-sign, he's tagged. And TT won't trade him to the queens, it's not a possibility. Well, unless we get AP...

  2. They may not have the luxury of franchising Kampman because they may need to use the tag on someone else. The Packers will have to tag whomever is the hot commodity next season. It may be Kampman, but it may be Collins or Jolly or someone else.

    The only way that the Packers don't extend Kampman is if he has a down year. If Kampman does have a down year, he will not be worthy of the franchise tag.

  3. But that's the thing. If he has a down year, it'll be assumed that it's because of the 3-4 scheme. He'll no longer be considered worthy of a 1st rounder, because some teams might be wary of his age, but a sure 2nd. He's never injuried and has been productive all of his career. And I really doubt that either Collins or Jolly will have greater trade value than Kampman. The only thing I worry about is the 3 interior offensive linemen that'll go FA next year. If the line procude, I think MM will do whatever it takes to mantain the continuity, and THEN it might be in the expense of Kampman. But it's very unlikely.

  4. I think you seriously overestimate the trade value of a 30 year old player coming off a down year.

    (Not to mention that 2008 was itself a bit of a slip from previous seasons.)

  5. Hey, I can't predict what other GMs are going to think, but what I put into consideration is that this guy has been the most steady DE in the NFL, hasn't missed a game, and plays every down, unlike other DEs, because of his ability to play the run. Yes, they could view him as a declining old player, but I don't see it happening, based on what he has done so far.