Sunday, September 27, 2009

...Calling Dave Rayner

  • Poor defensive third down play again in the first half allowing the Rams to convert 3rd and 10 on two consecutive drives for two consecutive touchdowns. Much better in the second half, although the Packers defense was aided by some Rams miscues, dropped passes, poor throws, etc.
  • Where's the pressure?
  • Through three games, this season sure is taking on the feel of a "rebuilding year."
  • Nice to see Raji play, but I didn't see him make much of an impact. I was an advocate for drafting a stud offensive tackle. As of today (and I reserve the right to change my mind), I would gladly give up Raji for a Michael Oher.
  • I'm waiting to read all the blogs whining about how stupid it was for McCarthy dial up the fullback dive at the goal line. You know, like they did last season when the play didn't work we were treated to a bunch of hyperventilating rants about how stupid it was to "take the ball of the hands" of Rodgers and give it to a lowly fullback. The fact is, however, that the fullback dive is (and has been) one the Packers best short yardage plays. There have only been one or two times where it has not worked. I also liked the fake sweep twist this week. I'm not too worried because I'm sure that the play will be unsuccessful some time this season (no plays have a 100% success rate) and the whiners will come back out of the woodwork in full force.
  • Two other plays that I liked: (1) the shotgun pitch sweep, and the (2) the end around to Driver. The first play was about the only successful running play in the first half and McCarthy never went back to it. The second was just a great call at the right time.



  1. Give me a break about the FB dive. It wasn't even close to the same play called against Carolina last year and you know it. Completely different design.

  2. So now its the design? I thought it was about "taking the ball out of Rodgers' hands" or some such nonsense.

    In fact, I KNOW that's was it purportedly was about.

    I will never understand how giving the ball to a battering ram and trying plunge in for the touchdown can be poorly designed. That is football.

    It was poorly designed because it didn't work. If the fake-sweep fb dive from yesterday's game came up short we both know that some people would be bitching about it today.

  3. Dude, have you even looked at the plays in question? Against Carolina, it's straight up and Kuhm plows into the line. Brilliant. Last Sunday, the line slides right and Kuhn goes backside against the flow of the play. Completely different play AND completely different offensive line.

    And yes, it was very much about taking the ball out of Rodgers hands WITH THE SEASON ON THE LINE. That was hardly the case in St. Louis.