Sunday, September 13, 2009

Calling Mr. Tauscher . . .

  • Jay Cutler leads all NFL QBs in number of chins.
  • Favorite part of the game. Bears dial up the mind boggling fake punt at their own thirty. Camera cuts away to show a ref laughing his ass off.
  • Credit where it was due, Rodgers made the throw that counted. But he has way too many weapons to be so locked in to Jennings and Driver.
  • Speaking of Rodgers's weapons, anyone else catch the play in the first half where Finley pancaked Ogunleye and then went out and ran his route?
  • Jolly with the one-handed interception. Really?
  • Did Hawk have a pretty good game or was it just me?
  • Note to Ted Thompson: Don't be a stubborn dumbass. Give Tauscher a call.
  • Note to Emmitt Smith: Your beard is weird.


  1. Is Tausch healthy? He blew out his knee in December? It's certainly worth looking into.

  2. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that he is ready (or close to ready). If it were me, I would move now and at least have him in practice. I certainly hope this is not Frost 2.0.

    The Packers have too much invested in Rodgers to let him better battered and driven into the turf like that.

  3. Spot on about Hawk - I was shocked. And that Finley play was absolutely brilliant.