Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Great Samurai Controversy

Everyone is a-twitter (see what I did there?) about the Nick Barnett's samurai celebration two plays after he allowed a first down by missing a tackle. Carriveau says that Barnett should "act like he's been there before." Nagler says that everyone should just "shut the hell up." I sympathize more with Carriveau's position over's Nagler's somewhat pious "reminder" that Barnett is "not your kid."

But this is completely missing the trees from the forest fire: the Samurai celebration sucks at all times.

It is mime. Mime sucks. The only time mime was cool was when Tim Harris busted out his six shooters. The gravedigger was merely tolerable. That's it. Close the book.

We need to draw the line somewhere or else dull players who think they are exponentially more clever than they are will continue to come out with more and more contrived miming celebrations. Do we really need the light-saber mime, the nun chuck mime, or the running around with scissors mime?

It's stupid and it makes me cringe. And it must stop. If not now: when?

ADDENDUM: CD Angeli has it about right.


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