Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is the Smith Cut That Surprising?

Everyone seems surprised that Anthony Smith was cut today. Silverstein, Nagler at CHTV, Andy Hayes at PackerGeeks. I guess the question that I have (and I have deleted all the preseason games from my DVR) were the Packers in the dime on all of the Packers third down meltdowns this preseason? And if so, was Smith in the game. Anyone know?

It is far more important how he played in the dime with and against starters than how he played in the base against crappy quarterbacks and third string receivers. Who cares how great he looked against guys who are looking for work tonight?

The knock against Smith has always been that he can't play within the system and takes too many chances. When the Packers are letting teams convert third and distance, you can't have a cowboy in the defensive backfield who is off doing his own thing.

Smith is a fourth year player and a little old to consider a prospect. He is who he is. If he is not a starter, he's probably not going to "develop" into a starter. And if he is not going to develop into a starter, and he can't be counted on in the dime where is his place on this roster?



  1. Pretty sure that was Kurt Warner I saw him make a brilliant interception against - hardly a 'crappy' quarterback. Unless your definition of 'crappy' is different from mine...

  2. Interceptions are great but the Packers are getting **killed** on third down. And its even worse in obvious passing situations.

    This preseason the starting defense forced 7 turnovers but only 3 punts. You think that ratio will hold up over the course of the season?

    You have to be able to hold on third down and the defense's performance in this area was piss poor this preseason.

  3. Like I said, I don't have the games on my DVR anymore, but if his freelancing resulted in third down conversions his ass had go to go. End of story.