Sunday, September 13, 2009

McGinn Predicts That the Packers Lose to Pittsburgh in the Superbowl.

That's a good sign. McGinn's record is well-known, and his predictions mean far more to me than any other predictions.

But I am not quite convinced. The offense looks lights out, but the defense still has a lot to prove. The starting defense forced seven turnovers but only 3 punts. This ratio is completely unsustainable. The defense's play on third down was completely unacceptable in the preseason.

A reader in the comments asked me for my prediction. Typically I don't make any specific predictions. There are too many unknowns, and too much unpredictability. Every season, there are opponents on the schedule that everyone assumes will be an automatic victory, but that turn out to be very good teams. Every year there are opponents that are supposed to be tough that turn out to be creampuffs. We probably won't know which teams are good (including the Packers) until sometime in October.

Moreover, things change quickly. The Packers have a lot riding on Rodgers 25 year old arm, and the health of that arm is riding on Clifton's 32 year old knees.

If forced to make a prediction, I'll stick with the tried and true method based upon last year's number of Pythorean wins and say the Packers go 9-7.

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