Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm with Silverstein

From his chat (sub req'd):

I think Bigby would have helped, but it was just Favre's night. He was at the top of the game. Every time he faced a third down, he picked out the weak spot in coverage and attacked it. It was a thing of beauty. The guy knew every blitz the Packers threw at him -- which wasn't that many, but anyway -- and seemed a step ahead of Capers. He was on. He'll have games when he's not on.

This is basically the game in a nutshell. So I don't understand why everyone is so distraught. The Packers played a division rival, on the road, facing a future HOF quarterback who played one of his best games ever. It may be painful to admit, but it was "just Favre's night."

I also don't buy for a second that the game was not as close as the final score. If anything, the game was even closer than the final score. Rodgers threw for almost 400 yards. And the game ultimately came down to a dropped touchdown on fourth down. If the game had actually ended on that play, everyone would think the game was as close as close games can get. I would argue that the game doesn't become less close if the critical play happened in the 3rd quarter.


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