Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Office is the Brett Favre of Sitcoms

Okay, I finally saw the (pitiful) "wedding episode" of The Office. I come to the realization that The Office is the Brett Favre of sitcoms:

  • It is wildly inconsistent ranging from brilliant (the season premier) to cringeworthy (the wedding episode).
  • Now matter how bad it gets, critics just continue to lavish praise on it.
  • It is treated as if it is an "all time great" but it unworthy of the distinction.

The wedding episode is the equivalent of throwing six picks in the playoffs. Just inexcusably terrible (although you won't have to search too hard to find fans making excuses).

For the record, the British Office is the Bart Starr of sitcoms: it came first and while it was less flashy it would never crap the bed in a big game.

And if have I have to stretch this premise even thinner, Arrested Development is the Joe Montana of sitcoms.


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  1. The American Office is an insult to the original series. Period.