Sunday, October 18, 2009

That Don't Impress Me Much.

  • Yes. That is a very dated reference. What of it?
  • I simply cannot get very excited about beating the Lion's scout team. I'm sure some fans are going to argue that "hey this Lions are the same team that yada yada yada." Wrong. This is not the same team that played the Vikings tough for a half or beat the Redskins. This was a team that was down to its third string quarterback and was playing without Calvin Johnson, and four defensive starters.
  • Three things I did not need to see today: (1) five unsportsmanlike penalties; (2) a flea-flicker on 3rd and1 ; (3) Pickett's ass crack (yikes).
  • While I still question the trade that brought him to Green Bay, Matthews already looks like he could become the player that Hawk hasn't.
  • I think we may have seen the last of Chad Clifton, and Thompson should have seen that coming.
  • The Vikings have won two games on unlikely last second plays.


  1. Pickett's ass crack, LMAO DDD

  2. Flacco did look like the real deal yesterday, but Favre showed hes still legendary even at 40.