Sunday, November 22, 2009

On to the Lions . . .

  • The Packers and the Niners have six players that will always be linked in the mind of fans. The announcers made a big deal about Smith and Rodgers, but the Packers also passed over Vernon Davis to draft AJ Hawk and passed over Crabtree (who was #1 on Thompson's board) to draft Raji. Davis has been a lot of nothing for his whole career, but he showed up big time today. And, its way too really early to decide whether the Packers should have drafted Crabtree (and Raji had a decent game himself) but today Crabtree was pretty damn good. Those two players, Davis and Crabtree, almost brought the Niners from way back.
  • Great game from Greg Jennings. The Packers number 2 receiver today was . . . Brandon Jackson. Welcome back screen pass. Where have you been all these years?
  • The defense gives up a touchdown on 3rd and 20 from midfield? Ugh.
  • Let's beat the damn Lions. This is a must win. I still think 9-7 probably gets the Packers into the playoffs (it usually does). That means with a win on Thanksgiving day, the Packer most likely need to win only 2 more games to make the playoffs. 3 out of 5 locks it up.

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