Sunday, November 8, 2009


(1) The calls for McCarthy's head are starting to pile up. For my part, I am not quite ready to call for his head, but I think the writing is probably on the wall. When McCarthy came to the Packers he did two things that I really liked and that immediately separated him the Mike Sherman: (1) he seemed to know how to run the west coast offense, and (2) his teams won the games that they were supposed to win.

None of that is true anymore. In fact his offense looks almost like a carbon copy of the inept Sherman/Rossley offense. It is a west coast offense in name and terminology only, but not in philosophy. Where is the short passing game? I'm sick of seeing so many down field incompletions. In fact, I would happily sacrifice that deep ball to Jones for some long sustained drives and an offense performing in rhythm.

I still think McCarthy can save his job, but he had better study what he did in years 1 and 2 and get back to basics.

(2) I like Aaron Rodgers, but I am getting the feeling that he thinks he is far better than he actually is. He hasn't proven squat yet. Right now he has promise and that is it. If he is going to be a franchise player he can't use his patented "crouch down" in the face of an on coming rush technique. You know what he is not doing while he is crouched down in a stupid yoga pose, looking straight at his linemen's crotches? He is not going through his progressions and identifying open receivers.

(3) Rodgers made a stupid decision to through into quadruple coverage, but you know what? Jennings should have caught that ball. It went right between his hands. Inexcusable. Speaking of guys that haven't proven squat. I guess the theme this week is that the Packers roster seems full of players that think they are entitled to rest on their laurels, not realizing that they have no freaking laurels.

Remember when Packer fans were all up in arms about the Packers not forking over a ton of money to Jennings? Every single time fans get outraged about a player's contract situation (in recent years Bubba Franks, Ryan Grant, and now Greg Jennings) the player never lives up to his contract.

So here is my plea to my fellow Packer fans: next time just shut the hell up. You are jinxing the team.

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