Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jolly Indicted Again

As I describe here, Jolly's alleged crime is most accurately described as possessing at least 200 grams of soda containing some tiny fraction of codeine.

Some fun facts from my previous post:

  • If you are on sitting on the front porch relaxing with 27.9 grams of cough syrup, the most you can be charged with is a Class B Misdemeanor (punishable by the still way too extreme six months in jail). If you mix that same cough syrup with 172.1 grams of Shasta, or Canada Dry, or Chocolate Milk you are committing a Second Degree Felony punishable by not less than 2 years in lockdown---and up to 20 years in the joint.
  • Rape is also a Second Degree Felony in Texas. That's right possessing cough syrup without a prescription is treated as harshly raping another person.

This would be a great opportunity for a mainstream journalist to shine a light on this ridiculous law but all of our journalists are way too committed to re-telling the narrative that Jolly is a "thug."

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  1. Great Post, DDD. I have a crazy theory that all these laws on "soft" drugs are greatly influenced by the Tobacco and Liquor companies. Very similar effects on the organism, and very different legal threatments... They don't need any products competing with them...