Sunday, December 27, 2009

'Tis the Season to Be Jolly

  • It is overshadowed by Woodson's year and the emergence of Clay Mathews, but Johnny Jolly is flirting with becoming a superstar. It's a contract year, and he will certainly get paid. I know some fans don't like his "attitude" but having a player with a little (or a lot) of a nasty streak isn't the worst thing in the world for a defense.
  • McCarthy needs to find someone on the roster that will field a punt. It was Tramon Williams letting them bounce earlier in the season, and now its Jordy Nelson. The Packers can't just sacrifice 15-20 yards on a punt that skips down the field. Catch the damn ball. It won't hurt. In fact, if you wave your arm over your head the punting team can't even hit you.
  • I'm getting uncomfortable with the amount of downfield passing that has crept back into the offense. Thats two weeks in a row that Rodgers has a completion percentage hovering around 50%. He should be completing at 65%+. I think much of this is attributable to the Packers getting away from the short passing game. Some of the downfield shots today were audibles. Its time for McCarthy to sit Rodgers down and have a talk with him.
  • All around nice job by McCarthy today. The screen to Jackson was just beautiful. Great call. Great execution. McCarthy also did a nice job getting starters off the field and then instead of going run-run-run-punt, actually letting the back-ups run the the offense. Matt Flynn looked pretty good.
  • Those guys were playing with a lot of emotion today. Particularly Brandon Jackson. I wonder what the story was there.
  • I thought he was a jack-ass as a coach, but I am growing to like Billick as an announcer. For the record I hate just about all announcers. A good announcer is one that isn't annoying. In fact, I don't think you should ever even notice the announcers, that's how unobtrusive they should be. Billick does a good job not being annoying.

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