Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The unbearable silliness of Favre fans

TWo week ago, Some-Guy-Who-Writes-About-"Sports" at OnMilwaukee.com wrote:

Rodgers played a great game against Arizona and ran up incredible statistics. He led his team. He made tough passes and spread the ball around. But he missed on the big one.

And just for the sake of getting under everybody's skin, I will maintain that Brett Favre doesn't miss that pass.

Well, well, well. After Favre's predicatable choke job, Some-Guy-Who-Writes-About-"Sports" is certainly going to man up and admit he was wrong, right? Of course not, because part of what makes Favre such an amazing hero is that he always chokes in key situations or something:

However, if you have an ounce of sense or compassion, you love him in spite of that throw. Or maybe even because of it. Heroes don't need to be perfect. In fact, we love them even more when they aren't.

Here's something we can all agree upon: if Favre continues to play another five seasons for the Vikings and continues to choke like that, all is forgiven.

(But he still should not have his number retired.)

Brad Childress Shakes The Devil Off

Fist bump to the Daily Drink.

Pouring One Out For the Daily Drink

The big blogging news from yesterday is that Sportsbubbler.com is shutting it down. While some blogs, like Railbird Central will thankfully live on, the Daily Drink is hanging them up.

This really stinks. For the record, Daily Drink readers are not saying "boo-urns." Anyhow, there remains but one acceptable tribute when good blogs are found bloated on the bathroom floor. Good bye, Daily Drink:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a letdown.

Last May I wrote:

The combined choking power of the Vikings and Favre has the potential to be the Hall & Oates of choking, the Cagney & Lacey of season ending disasters, and the Tango & Cash of missed opportunities

Well, the Favrikings choked. I know this much is true.

But, I was expecting something epic, like Favre intercepting his own pass and returning it the wrong way for a safety. I guess I have to settle for the Vikings lining up for their final play to set up field goal, but instead get called for 12 men in the huddle, which forces the Vikings to pass, which forces Favre to force the pass, which is intercepted. It's still good stuff. In the neighborhood of Chris Webber's extra timeout call. But, I guess I was expecting something more.

Favre is still finding ways to disappoint me.