Sunday, July 25, 2010

Metaphor Fail: McGinn Edition

"In truth, general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy could hardly have hoped for any more from Aaron Rodgers after they mortgaged their futures by trading Brett Favre."

How does this make sense? When you give the bank a mortgage on your house, the bank gives you money today. If you fail to pay the bank, the mortgage gives the bank the right to take your home.

To "mortgage the future" means to get some benefit today in exchange for a gloomier future outlook. The Vikings "mortgaged their future" by trading away 3 first-round picks and 3 second-round draft picks for Herschel Walker. Mike Sherman "mortgaged the future" of the Packers in the early 2000s by trading away draft picks and entering back-loaded contracts that everyone knew would put the Packers in future salary cap hell. Teams "mortgage the future" when they think think they need a "final piece" to a championship team.

This is definitely not what Thompson did with Favre. It was actually the exact opposite. When Thompson let Favre go he risked a gloomier present in exchange for the possibility of a rosier future. While Thompson certainly gambled his future with the Packers, he hardly "mortgaged his future."

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