Monday, July 26, 2010

A Possible Explanation for the Jolly Suspension

Mark Chmura claims that he has heard that Jolly failed 20 drug tests. We can forgive Chmura for his rumor-mongering because he has never faced legal troubles of his own that could have learned from.

There actually is a possible explanation. Under NFL substance abuse policy a missed test is the same as a failed test. One possibility---this is speculation---is that Jolly was worried about failing an NFL mandated drug test and (perhaps even on the advice of counsel) repeatedly skipped an NFL test. Each skipped test counts as a failed drug test. If the NFL reschedules the tests close together, it would not be that hard for Jolly to rack up numerous failed tests.

Jolly may have skipped these tests because the prosecution in his criminal case would have tried to subpoena the records and used the results against him. Given that Jolly was ordered not to use drugs or alcohol while out on bail, the NFL test could have been evidence of contempt of court.

Like I said, this is just speculation, but it would explain how Jolly went straight to indefinite suspension under the NFL's substance abuse policy, and would be consistent with Chmura's rumors.

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