Saturday, August 14, 2010

Athletic Has Three Syllables.

  • Passing offense aside, pretty dismal start: terrible special teams, weak defense, non-existent running game.
  • I don't understand the decision to move Pickett out to end. I understand wanting to get Raji on the field, but let Raji earnhis way unto the field. Why play key players out of position? Last year it was Kampman, but that was excusable as it was out of necessity. Rather then worrying about getting the best combination of players on the field, the Packers should focus on getting the best man at each individual position and the rest of the stuff will work itself out. The Packers have floundered for years trying to find the "best combination" along the offensive line and the results have varied from underwhelming to disaster. Rather than getting the "best five men on the field," maybe they should get the best "one player" at "every position." On the other side of the line, there is no question in my mind that Pickett is the best NT the Packers have. If Raji can play his way into one of the end positions, he should back up Pickett. (Pickett will definitely need a few "breathers.")
  • Sam Shields cut himself tonight.
  • The running back situation is troubling. I'm actually higher than most on Ryan Grant but after him its a whole lot of practice squad quality. I don't know what the deal is with Jackson, but McCarthy does not seem to like to call his number.
  • Flynn looks a lot more like Ty Detmer than Mark Brunell or Matt Hasslebeck. If he were really one of the best back-ups in the league he should have been picking apart the 3rd and 4th string Browns. He should have been able to put on a clinic. There were a couple times when he had all day to throw he had to settle for a 6 yard pass to his check down. I still think Flynn is a capable back-up, but I'm beginning to think that maybe what you see is really what you get with him. He doesn't seem to have improved that much between years 1 and 3.
  • Rodgers is awesome. He's Mr. Third Down.
  • The Packers have got to find a way to get Hawk off the field. The standard line has been that he is a "solid player" but not worthy of a top 5 pick. I'm not so sure the first part is true anymore.
  • Special teams was terrible. Just terrible.
  • Goofy antics on the side line tonight. Matthews doing his Jersey Shore fist-pump, Driver with the cup on his head, and Rodgers busting out the "air bass."
  • I still love Kuhn because he is still awesome.

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  1. If Grant ever gets hurt, the Pack are in trouble.
    No depth at running back.